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Learn More about the Significance of Pig by-Products

Most people tend to think that pigs are only useful when it comes to providing meat and sausage products but the truth of the matter is a different story. Other than meat pig which quite a lot of people will only think is the only product a pig can offer, there are so many other products that are derived from the pig. Thus the following information will be quite useful in learning about the many useful products that can be derived from the pigs. The first most important product that is derived from pigs is heparin. Heparin is a useful ingredient that is used in pharmaceutical industries to manufacture blood-thinning drugs. Heparin is usually extracted from the guts of the pig and it is then packed and sold to the pharmaceutical companies.

Apart from heparin, there are also other products that are used in pharmaceutical products. For instance, the skin, heart valves, and hormonal glands are also some of the by-products of pigs that are used in biomedical organizations. The pig parts that cannot be consumed by human beings are usually processed to manufacture pet foods. The bones and some other parts can also be used to manufacture ingredients that are used in manufacturing lubricants and linoleum. This means a well-established company that deals with manufacturing pig products will utilize fully all the parts of a pig and the wastes will be minimal. There are some companies that have great plans when it comes to organs transplant and research has been underway to prove that some of the pig's organs can be transplanted into a human being. Find more about Smithfield in this page.

This proves that there is some hope in the future for the people who may be in need of organ transplants. The other most common by-product from the pigs is the insulin that can be used by people who suffer from diabetes particularly children. The insulin is extracted from the pancreas of the pig. It was discovered several years ago and it has been quite useful to the people suffering from diabetes. Adrenal glands can also be used to extract important components that are used to manufacture steroids. You can be able to learn more about the pigs' by-products and their uses in biomedical products by visiting the website. You will also be able to learn more about the companies that manufacture the pig products. Check more about Smithfield now.

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